The key challenges facing sales organisations today

Do you recognise any of these key challenges? If your answer is yes to any of the below we have a sales training course module for you.

A demotivated sales team

Teams will of course have their good and bad days, weeks and months, but nipping this in the bud is crucially important before you see a real dip in close rates and revenues. Often sales teams are demotivated because they are not able to make contact with the decision maker, or they are unable to negotiate or connect due to lack of understanding of needs and landscape.

This is where we can help. Our sales training courses will re-energise your teams and give them fresh and unique ideas for pushing forward to meet their goals.

Building a barchart

Insufficient pipeline

A dimishing pipeline can often leave staff and managers scratching their heads, thinking, ‘how on earth can we pull this back again this month?’ Insufficient pipeline is often due to poor prospecting, weak client relationships and client specific needs.

We can help. We’ll work with your teams over time to improve prospecting, build strong relationships with customers and gain a deeper undertsanding of customers needs.

A forecast that everyone can rely on

There are only three reasons why a deal doesn’t materialise when expected – it’s lost to the competition, it’s lost to nor doing anything, or it slips to another date somewhere in the future. All three are avoidable.

Understanding (1) where your prospect is up to in the process, (2) how likely and when they may buy along with an understanding of the competition, (3) the decision making process and the ordering process, can all be really straighforward.

We can help by providing your teams with the right questions to ask and when to ask them.

A sales team with skills gaps
As business environments get tougher, are you doing everything you can to develop your people’s skills? Do your people have strong enough consulting skills to be credible with client executives and to understand what real value means to them?

This is where we can help. We’ll build your employees’ credibility by providing them with the right tools to use and the correct times to use them. Your customers and prospects will benefit from improved clarity, better alignment of their needs to your products and services and a deeper understanding of their challenges.