Course Modules

2020 UK Sales Academy have five courses that form the sales training academy. The courses and the delivery of our modules is immediately understandable and at the same time sufficiently scalable to facilitate the most junior right up to the most senior sales executives.

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Many sales people have developed an approach to their conversations and meetings based on what they have heard colleagues say and what has seemed appropriate. It’s now the time to be original and start to see some real results rather than churn out the same lines time and time again with little success.

2020 UK Sales Academy delegates are encouraged to build on their own good practice and adopt additional skills and behaviours to provide increased confidence and competence in their conversations.

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Protecting Margin 

Our Protecting Margin sales training course is important and relevant for all types of organisations. As buyers develop their own skills to maximise value from suppliers, it’s vital that your teams are able to defend the value and pricing you offer, while also making sure that customers feel happy and valued throughout the process.

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Sales people sometimes feel uncomfortable and ill prepared when entering into a negotiation. With 2020 UK Sales Academy it’s not all about the win-win. Our approach is different. This sales training course concentrates on a more modern collaborative approach to negotiating by seeking new ways at arriving at better solutions that protect your margins and keep your customers satisfied.

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Event Stand Training

Your teams’ role at a show or exhibition (or seminar etc.) is not so different from their day job, in that they’ll still need to demonstrate their sales skills: i.e. identify new opportunities and build demand for the solutions that your company offers.

However, the event stand environment in which these skills need to be applied is very different to telephone sales or sales visits, and in this 1.5 hour session we’ll show them how.

The course will investigate ways to improve and deliver what we want to achieve from each visitor to the stand.

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