“Getting the best performance from your sales people is not a mystical art. Developing highly effective sales people relies on giving them guidance and measurable achievable goals to hit, and this includes their personal skills development.

I set up 2020 UK Sales Academy after feeling deflated following numerous sales training courses all designed to elevate sales executives to the next level. We all know that classroom intervention on it’s own just doesn’t work. Embedding the learning and behavioural change required to continue to get the best results out of sales teams after training is 100% key.

Previous courses that I attended were over complicated and so I began to create and deliver my own training that simplified the whole sales process. It worked – my team started to outperform other teams as I was continually coaching the same methodology that I’m presenting to you on this website.

For the last ten years I have been a successful director, and coaching and training consultant, and am now head of sales performance at QA Ltd on a contract basis, as well as owning 2020 UK Sales Academy Ltd. We’re different to our competitors, we know selling from beginning to end, we know what makes your teams tick and we know how to get the very best from them, in the short, medium and long term.”

David Blake, Owner